Videotek® MSA-100

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Multi-Source Analyzer

The Videotek® MSA-100 multi-source analyzer couples confidence
monitoring with full testing of compressed video conformance, audio level,
data services and ETR-290 on any terrestrial broadcast, cable headend,
satellite or telco network. Cost-effective and compact, the entry-level MSA-100
is a powerful tool designed for today’s video-over-IP infrastructures, while still
supporting legacy delivery interfaces. A wide array of options allows it to scale
from small stations to complex, multichannel operations.
The MSA-100 delivers awareness of system information and ancillary data
in a space-efficient 1RU package. It possesses a rich user interface for both
local and remote control situations, with conformance results displayed in the
intuitive GUI. Real-time, full-motion video decode and audio level analysis
can be viewed in one or more mosaic displays. A variety of physical input
formats are supported, along with all major compression standards, a wide
array of transport and streaming protocols, and the ability to simultaneously
handle a large number of channels in real time.

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