Selenio X85™

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Multiple Application Video and Audio Platform

TBuilding on the proven capabilities of its industry-acclaimed
predecessor, the X75™ synchronizer/converter, the X85™
maintains the functionality, flexibility and format friendly design
of the original, and adds all-new features to keep it,
and your operation — in pace with the changing market.

The X85 multiple application video and audio platform features
up to eight AES inputs and outputs, and up to 32 channels of
internal audio processing — packing the industry’s most
advanced technology into its space-saving 1RU frame.
Dual-channel processing ensures maximum efficiency.
An affordable, linear frame rate conversion option converts
59.94 Hz and 50 Hz-based signals. For live productions, a
profanity-avoidance option delays the program, giving the
operator time to bailout to an alternate signal in master control.
And software-enabled 3 Gb/s upgrade capability ensures
an easy, economical move anytime you’re ready to
make the transition to 1080p.

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