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Frame Synchronizer and Converter

The X50™ frame synchronizer and converter. This best
-in-class, single-channel input with two processed outputs delivers
the exceptional quality and functionality that have come to define
the popular and award-winning Harris series of 1RU processors,
which also includes the X85™ and X75™.

The X50 is compact and cost-effective, yet feature-rich, offering an
array of analog and digital baseband video and audio processing
capabilities. This 1RU frame synchronizer/converter effectively and
reliably supports standard-definition and high-definition formats,
including built-in 3 Gb/s 1080p Level A and Level B-DL processing
and 3DTV capabilities for hybrid television and production systems.
With easy-to-use controls, the X50 comes standard with a myriad
of features, including color correction, closed caption/teletext
capabilities, control and monitoring via a built-in Silverlight web
server, active format description (AFD) support, two fully controllable
aspect ratio converters and 24-channel internal audio processing.
Available options include CWDM  fiber input and output (transceiver)
plug-ins, Dolby® Digital and Dolby® E codecs, DTS Neural
Surround™ Up/Down Mix, Multimerge and DTS Neural
Loudness Control options.
The powerful, affordable and energy-efficient X50 processor
can easily be incorporated into the workflow of any broadcast
environment — from small stations and OB vans to production
studios and networks. Frame sync, proc amp and color correction
capability for all 1080p/psf production formats
(23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30) is now available with a basic frame rate
converter that can be used either for graphics, or as a low-cost
backup for linear or motion-compensated frame rate
conversion in a critical path.

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