Nexio IconMaster™

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Master Control Switcher 

IconMaster™ is a cost-effective, modular master control and branding solution, offering

 the ability to combine critical master control functions with multi-integrated branding — all in a modular card format with room to add and grow as requirements change.

IconMaster™ is both SD and HD-ready, right from the outset. Customers are able to migrate from an SD Master Control to an HD Master Control by means of a straightforward configuration utility, without additional cost or hardware changes.

IconMaster™ features a 12 or 22-input deskmount/rackmount control panel and industry-standard buttons with LEDs for source selection and transitions as well as fully configurable LCD buttons. Intelligent audio control panel and touch-screen configuration and control are available as options.

The IconMaster™ is fully controllable under automation, and is supported by a broad number of automation systems including Harris’ D-Series and ADC playout automation systems.

With IconMaster™, flexibility is a core feature. With assignable (two-channel) squeeze back position, you have the power to choose. Internal routing with 12 inputs is offered, and external routing with 12 or 22 directly accessible inputs is available, with or without emergency bypass routing.

IconMaster™ features superior branding, including four internal and two external key layers for branding. Standard features supported include static and animated logos, analog and digital clock capability, optional crawls, optional temperature probe, optional EAS (Emergency Alert System) and Amber Alert.

IconMaster™ is based on our industry-leading NEO modular platform, and IconMaster™ is the only Master Control that can be combined with other advanced applications to create a complete, self-contained channel release system.

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