Microvideo AMX200

Skrivet av superadmin tors, 2011-09-01 14:39

Microvideo Audio Mixer Module

The AMX200 allows switching, mixing and cross-fading of AES digital audio sources.

Its compact size allows multiple channels to be put into a single frame.
It can be used with Microvideo’s KEY200 digital video mixer module, allowing
a single box solution for audio - video mixing.
Additional features include an analogue input, for voice over applications, and
an analogue output for monitoring.

As part of the Series 200 range it can also be used with the MUX200 and DMX200
cards to allow handling of embedded audio.

The AMX200 audio mixer can be controlled by GPI triggers to activate the audio
cuts and fades.

With an additional CPU card fitted in the frame it can be controlled remotely from
one of our control panels or by an automation system using RS232 / RS422.

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