Hi Tech Systems HT445

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HT445 - actiV Filer Server ControllerThe actiV Filer five-channel Video Server Controller offers hands-on
control of multi-channel servers.
It is designed for live programming and events - providing a full
interactive user interface that is renowned for ease of learning and
straightforward fast operation.

The sleek hardware panel design is complete with a graphic display
and a high level of operator feedback.
It makes for stress-free on-air operation where even complex server
replay tasks are resolved to a few button pushes.

Operation Modes
Multi-legend electronic keys display clip name and duration - with a
countdown as clips are played. A highlighted key clearly indicates the
selected video channel.

The key changes colour for different functions; e.g. green for play, red
for record.
Multi-legend buttons (10 characters on 4 lines, and 64 colours) hugely
extend the practical use of the control panels, e.g. timeline showing clip
duration and position.

actiV Loader is PC software that allows saving playlists to a PC and
importing playlist data from third-party automation systems to an
actiV Filer.
Clip List displays clip ID, timecode start and duration. Up to 2,000 clips
can be accessed and played back instantly using the actiV Filer’s
scroll wheel.

Advanced Applications
Setting up a recording schedule allows multiple clips to be stored at
defined times as a fully automated operation. This is ideal for
requirements such as recording regular news exchanges, scheduled
programmes, events etc.

The actiV Filer panel gives hands-on control of servers from a very
different and separate technology to automation systems.
Operation is straightforward: there are no complex menus or PC
keyboards and screens.
The panels are totally independent of the automation system and, for
a small fraction of the cost, offer a very practical and secure backup to
server automation.

actiV Loader software for loading playlist and Smart Switch to share
control are options that may be added to enhance the backup operation.
The ability to compose and run play lists give manual as well as
pre-programmed operation.
Using actiV Loader software playlists can be imported from an
automation system and translated to run on the actiV Filer.

Alternatively, the lists can be built up on the actiV Filer panel.
Adding a Shot Box means 100s of clips prepared to play on specific
channels are assigned to programmable ‘Shot Keys’.
In this way, clip access, cuing and replay can continue while recording,
editing and preparation proceeds on the actiV Filer panel.

Thus a wide range of transmission requirements, from playing whole
programmes to live key/fill inserts into game shows, are covered.

Up to 10 separate playlists allow cataloguing on-disk clips for playback.
This allows unattended playout – useful for News and Transmission.
Record, delay, edit and replay live incoming signals for re-transmission.

Automate the creation and compilation of clips from lines inputs or VTRs
to servers.

Operational enhancements are available through the Hi Tech website,
allowing convenient software upgrades via a PC.

HT445 actiV Filer - Powerful standard features:

  • Clip list, playlist and disk catalogue view
  • Browse the server database for instant clip access
  • Scroll wheel for fast scrolling of clips and cues
  • Store/recall 2000 clips or 2000 cue in/out points
  • In/out trimming, non-destructive editing and clip scanning
  • Multi-channel operation for simultaneous multi-server control
  • Intelligent channel selection keys show clip ID, timeline and
    timecode information
  • Numeric keypad for fast and efficient number entry for clip
    selection and editing 
  • Plug-in standard PC keyboard for clip naming 
  • Soft keys for direct access to the most important functions 
  • VTR-style transport controls
  • Programmable jog, shuttle and variable wheel sensitivity to
    best suit operational preferences
  • On-screen monitor display (OSD) shows clip status and confirms
    actions 8 programmable trigger inputs and outputs (Optional)
  • ON-AIR indicator 
  • On-panel high contrast 5½-inch graphic display. 
  • Controls all widely-used industry servers and VTRs
  • 5 x 1 OSD routing switcher (Optional)

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