Hi Tech Systems HT252

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HT252 - Dual Clip Controller
The latest controller from Hi Tech Systems features compact control of two
server ports with clip management tools to make the most of a server’s record
and replay capabilities.

Operators no longer have to rely on a front panel user interface to select, load
and play clips in a live environment - which can be fraught with disaster.

HT252 Clip Controller Features

  • Odetics and AMP protocols
  • Browse infinite number of clips on the server
  • Store 99 clips in memory plus five on dedicated shot keys
  • “Clip Navigator” for clip loading, naming (for recording), jump to
    beginning/end of clip and +/- 1 frame advance/retard
  • Non destructive clip trimming with mark in and out keys
  • 32 character clip names supported (20 displayed)
  • Ports groupable for play or record – for key and fill channels
  • Keyboard interface for clip naming or shot box
  • “Smart Wheel” for jog, shuttle and varispeed
  • High brightness display
  • Operational and technical set up menus
  • Built in power supply

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