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Multiformat Signal Analyser
Videotek® Compact Monitor Series - the smallest solution on the market for 
efficient video and audio signal monitoring.
Two models are available: the CMN-41 multiformat on-screen monitor and
the CMN-91 multiformat signal analyzer with integral LCD.

Each model has two SDI inputs, with versions covering SD through 3 Gb/s
and selectable waveform, vector, gamut, timing, and picture full-screen display.

With Videotek Compact Monitors you can meter all 16 channels of embedded
audio or the one AES input.

You can also view the waveform of the composite or tri-level external reference
to verify signal integrity and customize the MLT display with independent size
and position of waveform, vector and picture.


  • Available in SD, HD/SD or 3 Gb/s/HD/SD versions
  • SD can be upgraded to HD/SD or 3 Gb/s/HD/SD
  • HD/SD can be upgraded to 3 Gb/s/HD/SD
  • Metering of all 16 channels of embedded audio
  • Two active looping SDI inputs
  • One AES audio input
  • Thumbnail picture with adjustable size and position
  • DVI-D external display output
  • Waveform display of external reference or LTC input
  • MLT display with independent size and position of waveform, vector
    and picture
  • Standard 4-pin XLR DC power input (AC adapter supplied)
  • Anton-Bauer or IDX battery mount options
  • Convection cooled, silent operation (no fan)
  • Front-panel headphone jack
  • Front-panel USB port for save/recall of presets, screen captures
    and SDI captures
  • 99 presets
  • Dual rackmount option available for both models
  • Portable case with handle and tripod mount option

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